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Sunday, August 23, 2009

New music: Livvi Franc - "Now I’m that B-tch" 

Livvi Franc

I dunno what happened to this chica! When she started out she was baically gonna be a milquetoast uber-pop/world music blend of post-Fugees Wyclef and what Rihanna was doing at the start of her career. Now she's making tracks called "Now I’m that B-tch" that are knock-off's of current-era Rihanna!!! Check it and tell me if she's going in the right direction:

Livvi Franc - "Now I’m that B-tch" [mp3 download links: zippyshare stream/download | yousendit]

Shout to my people at Jive who are releasing this project and Ebony at Honey Jam who first put me up on it.

[via ATCN]


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