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Sunday, August 23, 2009

New music: Jay-Z - "Say You Will 2" feat. Rihanna 


Yeah, yeah, I know the Hov track with Drake just leaked. I saw it on Rap Radar, went to have dinner, came back and saw every other rap blog had posted it. I'm sure there's no shortage of places for you to cop it from so what's the rush? I'm gonna get to it but also wanted to put this up too. It's the first leak from the DJ Noodles' new mash-up/blends mixtape project, Jay-Z: Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn Part III clearly put together to capitalize on the hype for BP3.

Jay-Z - "Say You Will 2" feat. Rihanna [yousendit mp3 download link]

The component parts are pretty obvious but they're all put together pretty artfully, no? The full tape drops next week. Meanwhile check Noodles' Sirius/XM Hip Hop Nation show, "Fix Your Face Radio" or his weekly mixshow on WLLD if you're in the Tampa area. He's also got a couple joints on the upcoming Pitbull Rebelution album dropping next month.

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