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Saturday, August 22, 2009

New music from Ron Browz and DJ Webstar 

DJ Self,Ron Browz

I know blog types like dissing these two cats 'cos they think they're easy targets but they are both my peoples and have been since way before they finally blew up so I'ma stay riding:

DJ Webstar feat. Serani - "Tipsy in da Club" (prod. by Ricky Blaze) [yousendit mp3 download link]

Pryme feat. Ron Browz - "I Love My Money (remix)" [mp3 links: main | radio edit]

Is it me or does this cat Pryme sound a little like Red Cafe?


Watch Ron Browz's "Tell It All" video here: OnSMASH | YouTube. [spotted via 2DopeBoyz / RapRadar]

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