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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New music by Billie Ray Martin - "Undisco Me (Bastard mix)" 


We're gonna go in a little different direction today and post a lot of the more clubby/electronic music I've gotten recently (I'll still throw up some more hip hop sh-t too, maybe...).

Let's start with this mash-up remix I got from singer, Billie Ray Martin. For those of you who don't know her, she was the singer with legendary house music act, Electribe 101 back in the early 90's. This is one of her latest tracks, mashed up with 80's new wave act Love and Rockets by producer, Electrostat:

Billie Ray Martin vs. Electrostat - "Undisco Me (Bastard mix)" [yousendit mp3 download link]

I jokingly told her the track sounded like the kind of Giorgio Moroder productions I would have expected to hear in a Miami disco while sitting in VIP doing coke back in the 80's!

BTW: Billie Ray sends personalized emails where she references stuff she's actually read on this site proving that she doesn't just mass-email everyone and expect feedback & coverage. If she can manage to do that while maintaining an active recording & international touring schedule, all you wack promo companies and new jack artists can step up and do the same if you expect any coverage here. I don't often agree with that dude Gyant much, but he's right here, bloggers are taken for granted!


An mp3 of one of her DJ sets from a recent South American tour.

Download it here. [direct mp3, right click and save as]


Billie Ray Martin - MySpace | Opiates Music - MySpace

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