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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New artist: Majestic - "In the VIP" feat. Wideboys 


Check this out. Recommended if you're into Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Kano and all those grime style MC's out of the UK:

Majestic - "In the VIP" feat. Wideboys [mp3 audio stream]


Majestic's 'genius' PR Agency asked me to take down the download link on this track and replace it with a stream after they sent me the mp3 to post in the first place!!! Now I don't usually post streams but I realized the track had been already flagged for streaming on the mp3 blog aggregator, the Hype Machine so I reluctantly decided to put the post back up 'cos I like the track.

Note to Majestic & Work It though: you are a totally unknown British grime MC trying to launch a brand new career, not Eminem, Kanye or Jay-Z. You do not have the luxury of restricting access to your music hoping it will blow up or sell 'cos people can't download it for free. Even those MAJOR MC's I just mentioned understand that concept and allow download leaks of some of their music to help create buzz, anticipation and demand for their full-length albums, shows and merchandise. Get familiar, its 2009 for goodness sake! OK, rant over....


Majestic - MySpace


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