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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New artist: Joya Bravo - "Piranha" 

Joya Bravo

I caught this chick at one of The Roots' Highline residency events earlier in the Spring and she blew me away. Singer, rapper and violinist with swag & presence for days, she's the total package. The track here is more on the Rihanna pop side of things but she can blow and spit (!) - check her MySpace for her take on "A Milli" - for real and rip it up the violin as well. Joya Bravo is no joke! I look foward to hearing a mixtape or more material from her soon....

Joya Bravo - "Piranha" [mp3 links: Afro-Punk stream/download | yousendit]


Joya Bravo
- myspace | afro-punk | twitter


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