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Saturday, August 15, 2009

America, Meet your Town Hall Health Care Protesters! 

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This one, who was interviewed by Chris Matthews on MSNBC, thinks social security, medicare, income tax & the creation of the Federal Reserve were all mistakes; Brings a loaded guns to a townhall meeting with the president and; Espouses a foggy principal about the appropriateness of persuasion by a show of armed force. HOLY F-CK!!!!

[via Huff Post]


What Orly Taitz believes
- The head Birther talks about Obama's boyfriends, the long arm of Hugo Chavez and how the Web is rigged against her. [Salon]

Pure comedy. I'd laugh if there weren't so many nutjobs who actually believed and were actively supporting & promoting supporting her cause, were skewing the debate on important issues like health care and taking up time in the media. Despite his protestations to the contrary, I bet homeboy above in the video is one of them! I guess the best way to deal with them though is to expose their lunacy to the light.

Download: Listen to an hour plus of Salon's interview with Orly Taitz here. Seriously, just listen.... [direct mp3 link, right click and save as]

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