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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kid Cudi club remixes and more... 


If you really dug the Crookers remix of Cudi's "Day N Night", these club remixes of other Cudi tracks and recent(-ish) hip hop tracks may appeal to you although I'd have to say none of them come quite as close to being as good & catchy as that track was. They all have their moments though:

Kid Cudi - "Make Her Say (Afrojack Remix)" [mp3 links: zshare stream/download | yousendit via Ryan / Fools Gold]

Kid Cudi - "Call Me Moon Man (Glitterati The Panda Remix)" this remix is just aight but it fit with the post so I fgured I'd inclcde it anyway. Pause on that name though....


Remixes of the Bawse and Weezy by Paul Anthony & ZXX:

Lil Wayne - "A Milli (Paul Anthony & ZXX remix)"

Rick Ross - "Hustlin' (Paul Anthony & ZXX remix)"

[yousendit mp3's jacked from the Squeegie blog]


Kid Cudi - website | Afro Jack | DJ Glitterati The Panda - MySpace

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