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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

HOT SH-T!!!! Hiroller's New Mixtape - The Premonition 


I was gonna just throw this in the next edition of my underground hip hop Serato wrap-up but I started to check it out yesterday and it's f-cking fiya! Solid, clever rhyming over all kinds of certified classic beats from the 90's (Artifacts, Black Moon, Snoop, Main Source, Pharcyde etc.) with a theme about a new rapper trying to get on and blow up the internets kind of tying the tracks together. Now that's how to do a modern one-artist street album/mixtape project. He even has a skit called "Serial Blogger PSA" that's so on-point, it's hilarious. Watch out for this guy 'cos he's nice and he's gonna make some noise the rest of this year - mark my words! And he's from my old 'hood, Brooklyn - bonus! Bed-Stuy, stand up!!!!

Download Hiroller's The Premonition mixtape here: zipfile.

Or stream it here via imeem:

The Premonition Mixtape


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