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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aaliyah Dana Haughton: 1979 – 2001 

Couldn't forget baby girl before this day was done....

First a couple tribute mixtapes:

DJ Concept - More Than A Woman: The Best Of Aaliyah (8 Years Ago…)


Download it here: mediafire. [via]

And the Aaliyah Revisted tribute EP:


Get the back cover artwork with tracklisting here. Download it here: mediafire. [from Soul Culture via ATCN]

Plus a 'tribute' track by Cardan (which, even though Cardan's my dude, I kind of thought twice about including 'cos the lyrical content isn't really ahem, 'standard' tribute/eulogy fare):

Cardan feat. Aaliyah"Overdrive" [yousendit mp3 download link from PDS via Nah Right]

Next, some 'rare' interview footage [via Grand Good]:

From the Age Ain't Nothing But A Number era.

From 1994.

And last, a few of her most memorable music videos:

"One in a Million" (prod. Timbaland):

"Are You That Somebody":

And finally, "Rock the Boat", the video she had just completed shooting when she tragically died in a plane crash:

Damn, had she been alive, Aaliyah would've only just turned 30 today. Lost so young. We miss ya, baby girl....

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