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Friday, July 31, 2009

New music: Eminem feat. Mariah Carey - "Warning" 


Em GOES IN but does anyone else feel like he lost simply by even responding to the "Obsessed" record? And does anyone really believe this stuff? Have to admit he does seem to have a lot of details although is that really audio of Mariah at the end??

Eminem feat. Mariah Carey - "Warning" [zshare mp3 download/stream link]


BTW: all those engaged in the Treach vs. Redman debate I saw on Twitter the other day, listen to this record. This is yet another record showing how masssively influenced Em' has been by Treach's flow. Treach has consisently been underrated as an MC because Naughty was always best known for their big, pop crossover records but that's a conversation for another post....

[mp3 via Rap Star Promo]

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