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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Razah - "Rain" (audio) 

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I was talking about this kid three years ago when he had a track DJ Enuff was bangin' called "Where Do We Go From Here." Then it disappeared and came back a copuple years later in a remixed version featuring Rihanna (and I think there was a version with Ricky Ross spitting on it too - WTF??) but still ended up going nowhere. Now it looks like homeboy's jetted from hir original label Virgin Records and somehow ended up on Def Jam. Did LA (or Hov or JD) make the right decision bringing this dude on the team (or should they have just stuck with current R&B Best New Rookie The Dream)? Let me know:

Razah - "Rain" (zshare stream/download)

Online: Razah - MySpace

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