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Friday, January 26, 2007

Links for all y'all crumbs and weasles! 

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Image courtesy Fader

Too lazy to get my own right about now so let me just swagger-jack some mp3's from some other sites:

Raekwon "My Corner" [MP3 | zshare stream/download] - I swear this is almost good enough that it could have been on Supreme Clientele. This is some vintage classic, souled-out Wu ish. (mp3 via Spine, be kind: right click and save or preview/stream the track courtesy of the zshare link from Eskay)

And via the Tin Man:

T-Pain feat. Yung Joc
"Buy You A Drink - trust me though, this ain't the correct version (or official confirmed song title) but this is a f-cking monster. The T-Pain movement will not be denied. Look for him in new videos by Bow Wow and Birdman/Weezy real soon too.

Young Buck "Get Buck" - best member of G-Unit. Yeah I said it! (Actually I think most people actually agree with that statement anyway....)

Meanwhile getting gear 'n' gadget-orientated:

Bun B
's stylin' on you, son!

Clipse x Capitol 1524 x New Era

Sneak preview: Kanye West’s new apartment

YBI in Liberty City, Miami
for MLK Jr. weekend. (I know - mad late....)

Nike Transformer Sneakers
- WTF?

And via The In Crowd:

Crazy hot book? All Gone - The Finest of Street Culture 2006.

CBGB's chocolates.

While finally: the Guide to Turntables For Digitizing Vinyl - on a related note, do you know that I got the Serato software like 6 months ago and I still ain't install that b-tch yet?!

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