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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Fish In Stores Today... 

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And to celebrate I got 3 (count 'em) sets of the album on CD and the very fly promo t-shirt to give away. Other sites gave away just the shirts but I'm one-uppping them clowns! (Just kidding. Shouts to Rizoh and Eskay.) NOTE: the contest giveaway is now CLOSED!

I'ma keep it basic* to enter but you must be absolutely correct in your responses to qualify to win. As many long-term readers know, I'm a major fan of the classic Ghost album Supreme Clientele so answer the following questions to win:

1. What is the name of the notorious Queens gangster who inspired the album title of possibly Ghost's finest collective album moment?

2. On what track from the album is the term "Supreme Clientele" referenced in the rhymes specifically?

Emails with answers (subject line: "More Fish t-shirt/CD contest") to the address at the above left. Winners will picked this Monday (12/18) AM at random. (NOTE: include your name and mailing address too to save me one extra step if you win, thanks!)


Ghostface "Outta Town Sh-t" - one of my favorite tracks on the new album along with...

Ghostface Feat. Sheek Louch (of The Lox) "Blue Armor" - keeping that original hardcore East Coast sound alive...


Ghostface feat. Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good” - so hot! But when did Amy become the next blogger It Girl (after Lily Allen or Joanna Newsome, that is)?

Ghostface feat. Redman & Shawn Wiggs
“Greedy B-tches”


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(* The second question has been revised and updated again due to Wally Champ nerds pointing out to me the impreciseness and incorrectness of my original questions. I guess if I claim this is one of my favorite albums, I should know it a little better and be absolutely correct in how I frame the questions!)

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