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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Young H.O. - "30's the new 20, n-gga!" 

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30?! Paging Sickamore.

Jay-Z - "Beach Chair (feat. Chris Martin)" - also "produced" by Chris Martin. (YSI link | Zshare stream/download)

Coldplay - "Til Kingdom Come [Hidden track]" (wma link courtesy Game Recon)

So is that where the inspiration for the album title came from?

As you're already no doubt aware if you're the kind of person who scurries the net looking for music, Hovi's Kingdom Come album has completely leaked now. This is the only other track I'm gonna post from it. Partly out of respect I have for Hov as an artist personally, also 'cos cats need to get out from behind the computer screens and go out support these artists I spotlight by actually buying some of their music and maybe 'cos I wanna let the rest of y'all other mp3 blogger nerds "eat" too, LOL.

I'm gonna post some more thoughts on the album later this weekend but off-top I'll say that so far I'm not that impressed overall although also not that surprised at how the album ended up sounding. Let me just say that the pic above pretty much sums up what you should expect from this album by the 2006 President Carter edition of the "God MC."

And by the way on a sidebar note: I see the numbers on the d/l's coming off this site - can't even some of y'all leave some comments? It just ain't that cool to just come through and jack these tracks that I work hard and take time to put up and then be out without so much as a thank you or any kind of feedback, seriously!

More: official website | MySpace | Buy Kingdom Come and X&Y

(h/t: the Risky Bizniz massive out of [I think] Sweden)

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