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Friday, November 17, 2006

Jay-Z: Fallin'? 

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Y'all got this one yet??

Nas feat. Jay-Z "Black Republicans (No Gomez Bros/No Big Mike!!!)" - this is so monstorous, it's retarded. (alternate link: zshare stream/download)

This being the internet though, I know everyone's already copped, "Brooklyn High" (aka "Brooklyn (Ballllinnnn)"), Hov's response to Jim Jones over the Capo's own unlikely x-over street anthem "We Fly High" via Rizoh, JJ, Discobelle, Eskay or one of (probably) a million other places online. Just in case you didn't though, that's a slightly higher-quality version of the track than has been circulating so far for your enjoyment. My take on it: this is definitely no "Takeover" - he didn't body Jimmy but managed to backhand dis his own artists (Nas) in the process - WTF?!.

Why did he even go here in the first place? He should have stayed above the fray and kept making those (real) CEO moves, blazing out Beyonce and maintaining his legacy in this rap sh-t as the Greatest Rapper Alive. Now he's the old man taking shots from younger cats who weren't really in his class to begin with just like he said. Plus Jim, Cam & crew are like the Iraqi insurgents. They don't have to really even win this beef - they just have to not lose (update: case in point, see below too). And with this lame joint from the former "God MC" they're in no danger of doing that. If I know the Dips, they've probably already hit the lab preparing their response. (alternate link: zshare stream/download)


- Jim Jones feat. Juelz Santana "We Fly High (Jay-Z Response)" - I knew it! "You and Nas remind me of the Golden Girls" - wow! (h/t: my dude, Max H. | alternate link: Zshare download/stream)

- Jim Jones speaks with DJ Wrekk One about the Jay-Z dis record. (alternate link: zshare stream/download)

Bonus throwback joint: "Watch Me (feat. Dr. Dre)" from Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter - hotter than 90% of his new album? I decided to post this after randomly coming across it while scrolling through the albums in my ipod yesterday. This track barely warranted discussion, even with a Dre feature and production by a then red-hot Irv Gotti, when the middling album it comes from originally dropped seven years ago. Compared to Kingdom Come though, it sounds crazy. (alternate link: zshare stream/download)

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