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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The "Battle" of November 14th 

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People, stay tuned for an mp3 PSA: when the yousendit links on the more popular tracks expire, always peep the zshare alernate links which will normally still be in effect.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Jay-Z "Corporate Takeover" - radio rip from the next Green Lantern mixtape or Kingdom Come (?) over an old Neptunes Clones beat I believe (the one Snoop rocked over?). (alternate link: zshare stream/download)

Fat Joe "Jealousy" - nice Isaac Hayes "Look of Love" (?) chop. Too bad Cook Coke is going up aginst Game when they both release their albums in two weeks. That's just not a fair fight. (alternate link: Zshare stream/download)

Speaking of which...

The Game feat. Kanye West "Wouldn't Get Far" - how mad is Jada right now? Game is evidently still taking his "the first Compton n-gga with a Yonkers flow" tagline seriously jacking this beat from the last album by The Lox's finest. (alternate link: Zshare stream/download)

And ironically, here's a track by Fat Joe with Game: "Breathe and Stop" - it's kind of fiya too. (alternate link: Zshare stream/download)

Video of Maroon 5 covering Pharrell's "Frontin'" with Chad Hugo & Mos Def at what looks like Clive Davis' Grammy Party (?). (spotted via Undercover)

Links to dudes who are mad nice at playing their drum machines. Wow....

And don't forget TONIGHT: Dilla Lives! - support this event if you can. (related: Jay Dilla R.I.P.)

BTW: Thanks to everyone who entered the Justin Timberlake contest. FYI: the correct answer to the question was "45:33: Nike+ Original Run" (although I would have accepted "45:33"). You can hear this excellent track by LCD Soundsystem here and read people talking about it here.

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