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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

“I think being honest is the most gangsta thing you could ever do....” 

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Trust me, I ain't done with this 9/11 ish yet but let's get off the news thing for a minute:

Lupe Fiasco feat. Jay-Z “Pressure” - I swear this dude is overrated. Why are people so into him?? Seriously, someone please explain it to me. (I'm talking about Lupe just in case people were wondering, LOL. | Update: I hope he don't come after me like he did Bol Guevera)

Radiodread: Radiohead's OK Computer album covered by reggae artists (and Citizen Cope!) - preview it courtesy Easy Star recordings.

NY Times on the return of Puffy.

Speaking of returns, The Wire is back and looks like it's gonna be killer this season yet again. One weakness IMHO has always been the music not been as on-point and authentic as everything else on the show but it looks like they're gonna make an effort to get that right now too.

Cult book and movie High Fidelity is now a Broadway musical?! Oh boy....

Pimp My Skates. And the Skub Bros. can turn any shoe you have into skates, Tims, Jordans, BAPES, literally anything - crazy! (spotted via BET)

The 10 greatest beat-making videos ever via an incredible new (to me) site for production/beat-making nerds Music Thing.

More shots of the Entourage-featured Nike Fukijama sneaker.

The Pack's official blog. (related: new leaked track "Pretty Girl" NOT MIXED and NOT supposed to be leaked, trust me)

Retro Atari 2600 Plug and Play Keychains - amazing! 20 years from now (if not sooner), that's gonna be available for X-box and PS3 too I bet. (spotted via Boing Boing)

More great photos from my mellow, my man D-Nice.

I didn't know I was the "King of Links" though - wow. That's kind of like being the coolest nerd, right? Yikes....

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