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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Having Hood Visions.... 

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Nigo: with the same phantom before and after the camo treatment?

I generally think most street DVD's are trizash but I gotta shout out my man King Smijj's new DVD Hoodvision Vol. 3 from his Three Headed Monster production company. He mixes artists interviews, street & remix videos & short films in a way that's gangsta but not too self-serious at the same time. Vol. 3 features DMX, Juvie, Rick Ross, Yung Joc, Paul Wall, Remy Ma, producer Dre and a whole lot more that I'm probably forgetting. Go find that.

The scariest thing about the inevitable huge qty's that the Fergie Dutchess album is gonna sell off tracks like "London Bridge" and "Fergalicious" is that it might open doors to commerical success for suspect hipster "hip hop" like Spank Rock, Uffie and M.I.A.

The Pack "Vans" video screwed & chopped by DJ Kaleon

images for The Pack's limited edition Vans sneaker coming soon (hopefully).

And a prototype for the MF Doom Nike Dunk.

The 20 Essential Southern Albums according to Ozone magazine. (click here and scroll across to find the jpeg links for the rest of the article)

Video of Nigo's ridiculous crib and collections of everything trivial & cult-ish. Dude really made that much paper selling candy colored fake uptown's, overpriced camo hoodies and t-shirts with monkeys on 'em??

Coming soon: my peoples Reggie Osse & Gabe Tolliver's Bling, the book.

Yeah, I know: new Jay-Z and Pac R.I.P. last week. Other blogs discussed it though and I'm busy. Go look for more somewhere else...

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