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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Non Hip Hop For Your Hard-Fi 

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Hard-Fi usher in a new Summer of Love?

On the non-hip hop tip for a quick minute:

After I trashed her a while back, here's an actually decent track by Lady Sovereign called "Gatheration." (via Catchdubs)

I didn't even know there was a new Zero 7 album out called The Garden. Anyone cop that? Dork mag has links to the video for the first single "Throw It All Away" here. I'm a big fan so this might be one of the few CD's I actually buy this year.

Also didn't know the second Futureheads album was a go. I liked the first one a lot but I'm not sure about this new one News And Tributes based on the mp3 I've heard even though I've seen it described as "Jam-tastic."

I might be f-cking with these kids Hard-Fi on some 2006 Happy Mondays ish based on their first single "Hard to Beat." I'm gonna wait until I hear the whole album before I pass final judgement one way or another though. Just like Shaun Ryder & co. did back in the day, they have club remixes for those who get down like that. Peep game: video | Ashley Beedle remix | Axwell remix | Minotaur Shock remix | Hard to Beat remix

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