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Saturday, February 11, 2006

"N-ggaz Breakin' All The Rules..." 

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T-dot, motherf-cking STAND UP! King Reign & Saukrates represent!!!

King Reign feat. Saukrates "Guilty Party" - I don't know how long this joint has been out but this is the f-cking hottest record I've heard in a LONG time. Real, uncut, 100% pure hardcore hip hop. Props to my man Guy Routte of Renegade Music for fccking with this. This is EXACTLY the kind of record I want to be putting out through my label. (related: check out more on King Reign on MySpace)

Low Deep & Kano featuring Ghetto, Big Seac, Demon & Doctor "Get Set" - from the new Grime comp Run the Road 2 from Vice Records. Volume 1 was aight. Hopefully someone has thrown a copy of Vol. 2 in the mail for me to check out (hint, hint).

Ghost & Doom: wasted potential?

Embarassing - obviously the music industry has got real problems when rank amateurs are beating the best they got in the TV ratings. But for the industry wannabe's out there, check out the webcast of the legendary Clive Davis's annual Pre-Grammy party featuring interviews and peformances by Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, Chris Brown and more by clicking here or here. Now if you could download this to your video ipod, that would be crazy. I mean fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld gets it, why can't the music industry?? (related: more Grammys ish here)

But to end: they tried to hate but the movement is too real for 'em - LOL. And Hashim sums up everything you need to know about Snap Music using yet another of those weirdo internets applications he's always evangelizing about. It's enough with the bloglines as far as I'm concerned. (thanks Boogie Tonight for the Daily News link | semi-related: "East Coast Critics are Biased" - even though he hates Snap music too, this is an interesting southern hip hop music 'n' social politics blog.)

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