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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hyphy's Time To Go (Finally)? 

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Image courtesy The Fader

Daddy Yankee feat. Lloyd Banks & Young Buck "Rompe (remix)"

E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak "Tell Me When To Go" (stream at YouTube // more links at Prefix) - Hyphy finally gets its day? Hashim 'n them called it specifically recently (as did I generally a while ago) but it looks like this could be the song/video to cross the Hyphy movement over from being solely a regional Bay Area phenom. The instrumental has already been in use as a music bed on Hot 97 for a few weeks now. I told 40 that a couple weeks ago and he couldn't believe it. Dude is one of the most underrated MC's in the game ever fo' real though.

Dirtbag "Soda Boi" Video (win: Hi | Med | Lo // Real: Hi | Med | Lo)

Yo Gotti "Gangsta Party" - the Memphis version of Young Jeezy? I like this track (feat Eightball & Bun B of UGK) a lot. (download the mp3 here or here)

Flicks from the Kelis "Bossy" video shoot. WTF? That shoot just happened this past Monday and Tuesday and photos were up like a day later!

Puff, call Angie - she wants to "Thank Ya" for jackin' her song for the Biggie Duets remix of "Nasty Girl." (mp3 snippet via Juno Records)

Muslim comic book heroes - a refreshing change from the endless coverage of these nut job fanatics protesting the Danish newspaper Allah cartoons around the world.

Hotel Rwanda Timberlands - support the cause.

Living in the Day - thanks for the love....

Finally, Dork Mag is BLOWING THE F-CK UP!! - check them out TONIGHT rockin' at Triple Crown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with EPMD's DJ Scratch and DJ Jazzysport (who he?).

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