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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Chicago versus the world.... 

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Arrested Development: under-appreciated and canceled

“Man Kanye’s spaced out. That sh-t aint right what he be wearing. That sh-t be borderline homo. I can still fit 20/30 thou[sand] in one jean pocket, he can’t fit two singles in his....” - Jim Jones on Kanye West as quoted in an article UK magazine Hip Hop Connection in which fellow Chi-city MC Rhymefest also apparently disses S.A.S. (the Diplomats-affiliated London rap crew, not the elite British special forces military unit).

What? Now that Jay and Nas are cool and Fitty is off literally going Hollywood (see below), hip hop's second and third stringers have decided that they'll take a shot at engaging in some Rap beef to get their careers poppin'? And as far as the Kufi Slapper goes it sounds like a case of "People in glass houses..." 'cos some of those shirts I've seen him wearing look kind of suspect to me, frankly. (related: Joey on S.A.S.)

I just watched Joss Stone's The Mind, Body and Soul Sessions DVD and I swear I don't get why everyone is so open on this broad? She is not The Truth, man. Especially with singers like Sharon Jones and Leela James around. WTF? She's not even the best contemporary white soul singer in the game right now - that honor goes to Nikka Costa.

Excellent (but way too short) links to mp3's of the legendary Latin Rascals spinning live on KISS-FM NYC back in 1985 courtesy of the Broke B-Boys.

from DJ Eleven's Houston Mixtape. (thanks Exo)

I thought the arrival of actual real life "Jesus Juice" wine was hilarious until it was revealed to be a private joke.

Make It Clap! (via Fresh yet again)

Buy Brian Eno's synthesizer.

Get Rich or Die Watching? (related: the "Worst Hip-Hop Movie Ever"?)

And also vaguely related (?): Snop Snitching - the dubious code of the silence crosses over from the streets into mainstream consciousness.

When Scott McClellan finally gets fired, maybe Benzino can take over as the official White House press flack 'cos he definitely seems well-qualified.

"Up until today there was only one show left on network tv that I cared about. Now there are zero. Fox, you've made a huge mistake." - Arrested Development is cancelled. R.I.P. to the Bluth family.

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