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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Season of the Gun 

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Things have gotten stupid busy for me in the past few weeks so I'm definitely gonna be posting less frequently than in the past for the forseeable future. Keep checking in though because I got some heat lined up that you're not gonna find any place else (probably). In the meantime though, thanks Fresh for the referrals. Dude's site continues to be redonkolous.

Long time readers, remember when I asked a while back if anyone knew who did a reagaeton record that I thought was called "Chacarone"? Well turns out it's by an artist named El Mudo and it's actually called "Chacarron Macarron." Still trying to find it on 12" though. (Thanks Ndidi M for the mp3 link)

More reggaeton heat from a 2004 Costa Rican reggaaeton mixtape from Ndidi M: "Untitled" (for now) - anyone know does this record and what it's actually called? Holla. - Medina Green are Funky Fresh In The Flesh. Don't forget to cop that 12" on them and Mos Def I dropped a while back. Heads are really sleeping on that.

Video for that Pharrell & Gwen Stefani "Can I Have It Like That" joint. (via Rome)

Semi-late(ish) - great round table interview with some of the key players responsible for the making of the cult and iconic (but, truthfully, kind of mediocre) movie classic The Warriors courtesy The Fader. Decent E-40 interview there too.

Vaguely related: They FINALLY do an urban crime video game based in NYC and it immediately creates controversy of course.

Vaguely related, part II: Cam'ron's upcoming movie Killa Season. As one wag quipped, "this makes State Property 1 & 2 and Paid in Full look like The Sound of Music." (OK, that was actualy me who said that.) (trailer spotted via Sean)

An interesting looking exhibit on Slavery in New York just opened. Somehow this and those last few links are related in some way. Sociologists, holla at your boy with theories.

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