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Thursday, October 06, 2005

"All my hustlers that miss B.I., put your Rollies in the sky and wave 'em side to side...." 

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Who's the real soldier? BK's Red Cafe and the Sudan's Emmanuel Jal

Kanye West line on SNL (via Spine, of course)

And via HHG:

Busta Rhymes "Touch It" - sick! If this is not killing every club in the Northeast by this weekend I don't even know what to say. Swizzy...!

Red Cafe feat Fabolous "Bling Blaow" - he needs to get off Jeezy's nuts with the "Yeah" ad libs and Smitty prolly got somethin' to say about that hook too but this record is crazy and it sounds like Hot has already thrown it in rotation.

More filling - crazy mp3 heat at The Smoking Section. (via Cuban Link)

Jacob the Jeweler sneaker - WTF?

STOP SNITCHING - Dept. of Hood Affairs, the company responsible for all those damn t-shirts.

M--kiti (aka CBM) will be mad at me but I have to give it up to Smooth magazine. Grab their calendar if that weblink doesn't make it clear enough why.

And just to drive her crazy... "Jermaine Dupri Is One Lucky Dwarf" (Def. NSFW)

Honey interviews Dwele.

Gutter hip hop mp3 site HipHopHavoc's new blog.

Upload and get your videos hosted anonymously and for free via which I got up on after discovering this video of the now infamous Kate Moss coke snorting incident seen around world. (via Yeeeah!)

Real Gun Talk - the Times on Sudanese child soldier-turned-MC Emmanuel Jal. He's also featured in the new Lil Wayne cover XXL magazine.

Finally, August Wilson, R.I.P.

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