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Thursday, July 14, 2005


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The game done changed - Shock G is out of hip hop.

Little Brother feat. Joe Scudda "Lovin' It" - first single from their major label debut The Minstrel Show? I'm lovin' it but is this enough to take them over the top and out the underground?

Old School & New School East Coast connect - Jim Jones & Pete Rock "G's Up" (mp3 via Spine)

Freemotion has a few tracks from J-Live's forthcoming The Hear After album here.

Ne-Yo feat. Peedi Crakk "Stay With Me" - yet another competitor in the "find the next Usher" sweepstakes? I gotta admit that I like this track though...

Bol does an interesting interview with a rap cat named Naledge. I'd never heard of him before - how's his music?

Think you could be the next DJ Screw, Rapid Ric, OG Ron C or DJ Lt. Dan? Then enter the Slim Thug Chop'n'Screw contest here.

Lots of interesting stuff over at including the story of how Clear Channel has hired the "Tsunami Song" racist Ric Delgado, Shock G sadly bowing out of the hip hop production game and a gay hip hop festival (!).

Dork mag Issue 3 release party TOMORROW. I might be spinning for a bit so come through.

World's ugliest dog?

Time to start cashing in that 401K.

Finally, Buffie the Body is now in King magazine too.

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