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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pay Ya Dues.... 

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The Kitchen will be closed for the next few days while I try to get my sh-t together for the Tax Man (which with my record keeping habits is a longer task than I prolly have time to do it in, believe me).

Holla back like this weekend or (more likely) Monday or Tuesday.

But let me leave you with a few quick links before I bounce:

- Who'd win a "Most Abusive Boss" battle between John Bolton or Dave Mays? (related: John Bolton Quotes via Busy Busy Busy - truly scary)

- "The Bush administration is attempting to undercut the law that requires publicly funded schools to offer women equal opportunities in sports." (The New York Times)

- "Mortality - the more graphic, the merrier - is the biggest thing going in America...." Frank Rich on America's "Culture of Death" from The New York Times.

- "WITH MEDICAID and food stamps on the chopping block, the House of Representatives is about to vote for a $290 billion tax break for the richest sliver of Americans." (full article "The Rich Get Richer" from The Washington Post | Related: "The Paris Hilton Tax Cut")

- "[Schools question evolution] not just because, as Darwin himself conceded, there are holes in the theory of evolution but because of an evolving political weakness in which intellectual honesty counts for less and less....." Richard Cohen examines "Backward Evolution" in The Washington Post.

- Unreleased Ghostface from Bulletproof Wallets (via The Rap Nerd)

- "J*Davey is the future of R&B...."

- "Hacked" Vida Guerra photos link for the fellas at Cuban Links.

- “We’re about to crunk every phone in America!” (related: son and his crew tore it down last night at Webster Hall. At one point the building was literally shaking. More on this at a later point [maybe].)

- The Kid Stays in the Picture - the Bathgate street mixtape featuring Shyne, Purple City, Remy Ma, Shells, the first single on Supreme Clientele and more coming SOONER THAN YOU THINK!

- Styles P - down with the Spirit of the Dance?! (link via The Alma G)

In the meantime though, check these fine folks for music and other flava and here and here for news and the latest GOP fcckery.

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