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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Beef and Bullets, Guns and Poses, Life and Death? 

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A closer look at the "Fabulous" Life of Lil' Kim:
"During cross-examination, Seibel raised the issue of Lil' Kim's tax debt of close to $1 million. She introduced a 1994 tax document, signed by the performer that shows monthly expenses of over $37,000. The same document shows her monthly income as $30,000.

"Have you cut back on your lifestyle and budgeted yourself to pay the IRS? the prosecutor asked.

"Yeah, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't," Lil' Kim said.

Seibel said that Lil' Kim had purchased a home for over $2 million in 2002 when she still owed close to $300,000 in taxes. The prosecutor also introduced as evidence a mortgage application, signed by Lil' Kim, that did not disclose her tax debt.

The prosecutor then questioned her about earlier testimony in which Lil' Kim said that she owned about $500,000 worth of jewelry.

Seibel said that Lil' Kim had reported to the IRS her jewelry was worth $49,000." (Reuters)

- Thug Radio - Beef and bullets in rap's corporate ratings war.

- Dial Straits - Life and Death at Hot 97: A Chronology.

- David Hadju asks if hip hop is strictly "Guns and Poses."

- Vindication for my stance on the the 50-Game "feud"?

Jahah - super fly soul music you will not hear on your local "urban" station but should.

Check out my man Bathgate on track 2 ("Winning") of the official debut album by Dispet-affiliates Purple City called Road to the Riches: The Best of the Purple City Mixtapes dropping March 22. These dudes have apparently sold 80,000 mixtapes on the streets proving that Long White T-shirt Rap™ never dies! Shout to their in-house producer/group member Agallah, "The Don Bishop" who I know better as the freestyle demon 8-Off The Assassin from back in the YZ days.

DirtBag - "Ladies Luv Me" (prod. by Cool & Dre) with the Rob Base "It Takes Two" interpolation in the hook might be that next club banger and the hit this dude's been looking for since Violator stole him from Shady records a couple year ago. (mp3 via

Deemi featuring Fabolous "Move" is kind of fccking hot too on some hood banger R&B sh-t.


Grooveline - "the originators of edutainment."

Speaking of which, the non-Lox Jada's got the PC-police on the Harvard campus going crazy. "Heteronormative"? Get the fcck outta here with that bullsh-t. I mean, c'mon....

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