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Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Year of Rich Harrison already? 

Early contender for producer of the year?

While I definitely feel for this kid because he must be in some crazy pain to pull an insane stunt like this, I stil couldn't help laughing a little at the title "Eye Like That" to a post about this story on Ray's site. Now that duke's turned himself into "The Bushwick Bill of R&B" (not my term, credit goes to Reid and Sherman for that one), it's only fitting that the original weigh in with some thoughts on what will probably be declared, barely a month and change deep in, the most bizarre story of the year.

The Amerie "1 Thing" appreciation society is growing exponetially by the day, but I'm already onto her next sh-t "Talkin' About" which is on the flip side of the 12" vinyl album sampler they're selling at TTLab.

Meanwhile, "1 Thing" producer Rich Harrison has also laced Janet Jackson with a wannabe "Crazy in Love" style banger called "Pops Up." It's a little more subdued than the Amerie joints, working off some JB's sounding loops and falling somewhere between "1 thing" and his other recent productions "Ride"/"Get Right" musically, but it still kind of wins with some quirky "Drop It Like Itz Hot"-esque mouth-popping effects during the chorus.

Now I'm gonna posit something semi-controversial: Rich Harrison is making the most hip hop records coming out right now. He's got pop tarts like J-Lo, Amerie and Janet rockin' over funky, dancefloor-friendly, straight-up B-boy style breakbeats. These tracks evoke the spirit of Golden Era, old school hip hop way more than any rap records that have come out recently with maybe the exception of a few select cuts by Nas.

Deceased woman named in file-sharing suit. (registration required)

My future wife likes to do naked cartwheels and, now, blog about it. (spotted via O-Deezy)

Shout to Sin (aka Sinatra) who was grindin' at the Dork Mag party on Thursday giving out promos of his CD. I ain't check out the disc yet, but I like where he's comin' from mentally so I'm wishing homey good luck.

Spotted via Boing Boing:

- Defense contractors demand royalties on model plane and tank kits (but what about on model kidnapped US Special Ops soliders?)

- A gallery of novelty records

And spotted via S/FJ:

- Sasha's best of 2004 wrap-up - worth the wait and a must-click.

- I need one of those M.I.A. promo stickers. Catchdubs, can you hook it up? (related: M.I.A. live at Knitting Factory TONIGHT - the show is probably sold out, no doubt | Lots of good stuff in Aaron's interview with M.I.A. in Toronto)

- Maxïmo Park - the Futureheads lite?

And finally, this has already been around a bit ( I know...) but I gotta chime in too - I still like the album but this is just not very gangsta.

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