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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Respect the game and the game.... 

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It looks like The Game's album is leaking but out of repsect for him and his hustle, I'm not gonna post everything I've found but I'm sure with some surfing around y'all cheapskates who refuse to buy any music will be able to find all the tracks that are out there. For real though, support these artists if you like their music.

The Game feat. Nas & Marsha (of Floetry) "Why You Hate The Game" (prod. Just Blaze) - "And the sun shines with you...." This sounds like it could be the closing-out track from Doctor's Advocate (?). One word: RIDONKOLOUS. Say what you want about Jayceon Taylor, his beat selection ear is f-cking IMPECCABLE. Real talk: Ras Kass, Canibus and Nas should let him A&R their albums, seriously. This ish is epic and soulful but not in an overly bombastic way even at over nine minutes in length. (alternate link: Zshare stream/download)

Bootleg remix alert: this is more Discobelle, Catchdubs or Lemon Red's lane but check out the Jim Jones "We Fly High (DJ Booman Baltimore club remix)" - it's actually really good. (courtesy the Doo Dew Kidz)

Interview with the Kickdrums, the production due behind that pseudo "new" track "Hov is Back" that I posted a few days back.

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