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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Remix? Bloaticous! 

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Fun while it lasted? Web & Young B's "Chicken Noodle Soup" bricks 1st week out.

Somebody get me a link to that Jim Jones "We Fly High" remix featuring Diddy, T.I., Baby (aka Birdman) & Young Dro ASAP 'cos that ish is RETARDED!!

Speaking of which....

I was blasé in my last post about providing a direct link to it but y'all REALLY got to peep this Diddy record "Everything I Love" feat. Nas & Cee-lo (and produced by Kanye West). Sh-t is kind of sick. (mp3 courtesy Spine)

"I was trying to get one of those spacey way-out Pharrell records, and he wouldn't make it for me. He always gave me Tribe Called Quest because that's what he thinks I like. I don't know one Tribe Called Quest song by heart. I don't own one album." - Lupe Fiasco from an actually very solid interview at Village Voice. His album is cool. But despite his professed love of Nas' It Was Written, I question the wisdom of using The Blueprint 2 as the aesthetic inspiration for the sound of his album 'cos that's what large chunks of it sound like to me. Hova's undue influence?

The dream is over? Webstar's Caught in the Web featuring the smash summer teen-hop anthem "Chicken Noodle Soup" fails to make the Top 200 Billboard album chart by 11 copies with a frankly unimpressive debut 1st week sales total of 4602 units.

Coming October 10 from my man Ray Daniels - Drahma DVD magazine. Peep the trailer.

It's HUGE shoes to fill so is Martin Scorcese's The Departed really the Boston version of the gangster movie classic Goodfellas?

Want to visit the radioactive ruins of Chernobyl or the bomb-pocked refugee camps of Beirut? Find out what to do when you get there from The Vice Guide to Travel DVD.

Check out an appreciation of the classic Eric B & Rakim debut album Paid In Full from the Swift Chancellor.

And getting ready to terrorize NYC? The SwissMiniGun.

I had more stuff to post saved on my Bloglines subscription but it's acting real funny style right now and I can't access it so this is your lot....

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