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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Babes.... 

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Autum Ashante - my new hero(ine).

Is she really so out there when you consider the following:

A teacher lands in trouble for telling her students that Blacks are cursed by The Devil - ‘I’m not a racist’ the teacher responds.

Parents and the NAACP criticize Detroit-area middle school's use of song that they say glorifies slavery.

What they think of the rest of us who aren't their caddies? The Green golf mag's embarassing gaffe.

A Fox News Carolina Reporter was active on a White supremacist website.

Kevin Drum on keeping down the Black vote.

While finally, more Blacks live with pollution: "An AP Analysis of U.S. Research Shows Blacks More Likely to Live With Dangerous Pollution" (click for more here)

The Kitchen - celebrating Black History Month all year 'round.

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