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Sunday, February 26, 2006

It Just Gets Better... 

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It's a twisted world when I am on the same side of a debate as Tom Delay and Michelle Malkin while several people who I really respect disagree with me and don't have any problem with this UAE port deal. But whether the deal ultimately goes through after getting vetted properly or not, I think I have to stand my ground and say this debacle has been yet more evidence of Bush's sloppy handling of homeland security and further proof that as he has been for the past six years, either asleep at the wheel or grossly incompetent. Either way it's not a good look for the American people. Read on...

Bush learned of port sale from papers.
That's funny, I thought Bush (proudly) bragged a while back about how he doesn't read newspapers?!

But "President Bush's family and members of the Bush administration have [had] long-standing business connections with the United Arab Emirates" (click here for more)

Chertoff was unaware of ports deal until after OK.


Homeland Security initially balked at ports deal
- I mean WTF??

The UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 ports, not six.

Meanwhile: Ex-9/11 Commission head slams port deal.

And the 9/11 Report cited possible ties between the UAE and Osama Bin Laden and the USS Cole bombing.

But to end and in the interest of being "Fair and Balanced" read this and this.

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