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Saturday, January 21, 2006

"That's Carlito and I'm Benny Blanco..." 

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Keyshia Cole's The Way It Is: the soundtrack for the young and heartbroken in 2005?

Keyshia Cole's "I Should Have Cheated" pretty much sums up my mood at the moment. Although "Guess What?", the track that immediately follows it on her excellent The Way It Is album probably reflects the view of others in my life right now.

Now long time readers know I hate to play into all this millionaire rapper, sandbox feud corniness but I told yall to pay f-cking attention to this site:

Almost 3 months ago I mentioned that my man was predicting Jay-Z would be over in 6 months after seeing his "I Declare War" concert. Jay Smooth scoffed and wanted to take a bet on it. Now Cam'ron has come out swinging at the "King of NY," first with his "U Gotta Love It" freestyle and now with a very funny radio interview on BadBoy Radio (note: not Diddy-affiliated) that makes it look like a bet Jay might have lost.

Even if he didn't score a KO out the gate, Cam has got people questioning whether Hov can even come back which a year or two ago would have been unthinkable. I see the tide turning against the man they called Mr. President at Island Def Jam unless he comes out with some of that "Takeover" level spit-fire. Cam must be feeling himself though to come out at the same time with that "Oh What A Night" track not only sampling The Four Seasons but comparing himself to Andre 3000 and Arrested Development (what?!).

I never thought I'd do it but change is inevitable and space is finite so I'm hoping to switch over from vinyl to digital DJ-ing using an Apple G4/Serato set-up by this summer God, budget and time willing but this fcckery has me shaking my head yet again at the music industry's never-ending greed and short-sightedness. As Chuck Chillout said in a Source magazine article on declining vinyl sales I remember reading many moons ago, "If that 5% [who bought music on vinyl] weren't cutting it up, that other 95% wouldn't be buying it." Never a truer word spoken as far as the value of DJ's in the record selling process although the number buying wax now is probably more like <1% now.

Brian Joesph Davis' 10 Banned Albums' online flash exhibit.

To Darrin Hudson - Jeff Staple's blog dedicated to sneakers 'n more. Check out the shot of the crazy adidas shelltoe-inspired Burton snowboard boots in this post (scroll down). (spotted via Cool Hunting)

And have these Vida Guerra pics made the rounds yet?

Finally, Kardinall Offishall has a new album called Fire & Glory - WTF?! How'd I miss this - is it any good?

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