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Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Declare Bore? 

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Diddy pours out a little liquor for the "death" of Rap Beef?

"It's been a long time, sorry I left you...."

Ish is mad thick for me work-wise right now so posts will be sporadic for a minute (at least until next week).

50 Cent feat. Paul Wall "Just A Touch (Rmx)" (mp3 from spotted via Spine plays in Real Player).

Related: 50 Cent = Bush apologist - why am I not surprised by this at all? The Swift Chancellor called this trend recently as did Saul Williams a while back. Plus this kid's been wilin' out even saying some pretty flagrant things about his own peoples.

Solid Chris Lemon Red mix of Dirty South hip hop. (spotted via his blog)

Kevin Federline "Y'all Aint Ready" - well at least he got the title right, nothing could prepare me that! (mp3 at What Would Tyler Durden Do spotted via Radio 10-4)

Indian parody of "Drop it Like it's Hot" - this is more hip hop than that K-Fed joint. (via Boing Boing)

"Oui, oui n-gga. We speaking French." - Paris to Purple City, the Dipset-related international collab album with various French MC's. (related: "Welcome to the Hip-Hop Ummah" - Time mag's spotlight on muslim hip hop in France and other islamic communities)

A few different accounts of Jay-Z's "I Declare War" concert last week. My man who was there said Jeezy and Akon got the best reaction of the night from a very thugged out crowd while Jay-Z was looking like an old man and was received very coolly overall. He's predicting that Hov's dominance of the hip hop world as an artist will be completely over in 6 months.

Speaking of old men, peep K-ci (Jodeci), Al B. Sure and Tevin Campbell looking mad grizzled!

Funny interview with Seven, the "Digital Diva" from Ultimate Hustler, where she puts Dame Dash on blast.

Sneaker Game (via: Rome | related: Reebok sneaker by Alife made of tennis ball material (?) heads up via Cabino)

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