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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Hot Ish (June-July 2005) 

Some links below are active - click to hear or access mp3's of tracks or for more info.

Scroll down the left side bar menu for links to addtional old lists in "The Hot Ish Archives."

Here's some tracks that would have been on the "Hot Ish" charts If I'd done one for June-July:

- 50 cent feat. Mobb Deep "Outta Control (remix)"

- Kanye West "Goldigger" (via Hiphopgame)

- Mike Jones "Back Then" (video: Hi | Med | Lo)

- Rev Run “Mind On the Road” e-card | Audio: windows media High | Low | Real

- David Banner's "Play"

- Lil Kim "Shut Up Chick"

Jim Jones "Baby Girl"

Papoose feat. Ghostface "In the Bushes"

- Tru Life "Can't See NY Rap Die"

Nas "MC Burial"

- Ying Yang Twinz feat Mike Jones "Badd"

More Bonus Ish:

Stuff available from my indie 12" label Supreme Clientele:

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