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Monday, February 21, 2005

For those Plymouth Rock Landed on... 

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Malcolm X is important for so many reasons I really couldn't get into it in a single blog post if I tried. It's a cliche to say it nowadays but, like many others, reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X changed my life and crystalized in print for me many things about being a black man living in a white society that I had always felt (and don't get it twisted, sh-t ain't that different in Canada or the UK despite what well-meaning liberals in both of those countries like to think). Not only that, the book also gave me the real and complete story on a much maligned and misunderstood man who, even today, is still a polarizing figure in American history despite the reappraisal of his politics and the relative rehabilitation of his reputation. Brother Malcolm, you are not forgotten and the struggle goes on.

For more info:

The official Malcolm X site

The Malcolm X research site

The book that EVERY person who comes to this site should read (if they haven't already) - The Autobiography of Malcolm X

And for those who just can't do it (shame on you) - the Malcolm X (Two-Disc Special Edition) just dropped last week.

Remembering Malcolm X in the Place Where He Fell.

And semi-related:

Tomorrow night - for the rich rebels, Dead Prez at SOB's.

Next Sunday - Rap 4 Reparations fundraiser for the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement at the Delancey Lounge starting 9pm. (back of the flyer)

BTW, on a semi-related note, since this is yet another in a seemingly growing number of memorial posts I have done recently, I hope this post on Hashim's site wasn't a sideshot at your man (?). Whether it is or isn't is largely irrelevant to me but let me say this: I get sick of cats endlessly d-ck ridin' the memory of Biggie and Pac and I'm a fan of both of those artists so, if I can give a little shine on artists like Big L and Big Pun on this site, I'ma do it no matter what others may feel. And f-ck whether Fat Joe says it or not, Pun was nice, period and, I'll say it, pure MC skills-wise he would lay Biggie out. As for L, on some witty, pure B-boy MC-ing, sh-t, duke was bananas. In both cases, me giving them props wasn't about them being dead but, using the anniversary of their deaths to remember these two talented artists who get far less shine than their talent deserved. Anyone who has a problem with that, holla directly.

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