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Sunday, January 23, 2005

"There is no Crisis..." 

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Let me be clear - I Did Not Vote 4 Bush. (spotted via UrbanSpy)

And There is no Crisis.

- Bush Social Security Plan Likely to Cut Initial Benefits

- "A Question of Numbers":

[T]hanks to unceasing alarms, many, and perhaps most, people today think [social security] is in serious financial trouble.

But is it? After Bush's re-election, I carefully read the 225-page annual report of the Social Security trustees. I also talked to actuaries and economists, inside and outside the agency, who are expert in the peculiar science of long-term Social Security forecasting. The actuarial view is that the system is probably in need of a small adjustment of the sort that Congress has approved in the past. But there is a strong argument, which the agency acknowledges as a possibility, that the system is solvent as is.

from a January 16 New York Times magazine article by Roger Lowenstein.

And would you really trust duke to effectively execute such a radical overhaul of a major government program like Social Security after looking at this? By the Numbers: The U.S. After 4 Years of Bush (spotted via Altercation)

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