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Sunday, November 28, 2004

For Promotional Use Only - what's the 411? 

Many of the items covered on this site have been supplied by record companies or marketing firms representing labels and artists. Different Kitchen has no problem featuring projects promo'd like this on the site especially if it's something I would be into anyway, think fits the steez of the site and/or that readers will dig. If you're looking for some coverage for your projects, you can send promos (email me for the mailing address).

Format-wise, 12" wax, music DVD's and CD's are ALWAYS appreciated.

To send music via online (Hi quality mp3 files, at least 160k bits/second or better), the easiest, most direct way is to visit the Different Kitchen Soundcloud Dropbox and follow the instructions there.

Besides soundcloud, usershare or YouSendIt mp3 download links are the next most convenient download link platforms. Other acceptable platforms include: , Fileblaze, supashare or zippyshare because they have streaming options or mediafire because there's no waiting time before being able to download but NOT Sharebee and DEFINITELY NOT zshare - sh-t is TRASH and NOT recommended.

Favorite genres are (of course) hip hop as well as soul/R&B, reggae, brit poppy, alternative and indie stuff, UK vibes (UK funky/UK hip hop/garage/2-step/grime etc.), DFA/post-punky electro-disco-punk and dance-rock sounds and rare groove/breakbeat/reggae reissue compilations. Books will be covered if they fit the scope of the site (check the archives if you're not sure). I am open to checking out unsigned stuff too but will be ultra-selective about what makes the cut. Note also: some stuff, depending on what it sounds like, may end up getting covered on my other blog, The In Crowd.

Some additional submission tips: if you're an UNSIGNED or UNKNOWN artist I am probably not gonna check out your whole mixtape to see if I want to post it. You should either send a couple links to the best tracks on it (using one of platforms mentioned above) or better yet, a link to the whole thing as a bandcamp (the new and better MySpace IMHO and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - check out their demo video), imeem or stream so I can preview it 'cos I'm not downloading an 90MB zip file by people I've never heard of before without some serious co-signs. I'm also not checking out your music if you just send a one or two line email with no real bio/descriptive details saying, "Check out my music on MySpace!" :/

Track or single submissions work better if you send a promo pic or two, single or album/mixtape cover artwork (or a YouTube or MySpace video link) and your website, twitter and MySpace site URL's to save me the trouble of having to hunt that info down myself. I'm just sayin'....

I would love to feature all materials I am sent but, due to the volume of material I get nowadays, reserve the right not to cover stuff sent to me and will also generally omit anything I'm not into rather than waste my (and your) time trashing it unless there's a compelling editorial reason for doing so. Also don't be offended if I do not respond to your email correspondence, I have other commitments that keep me very busy too. How I keep up this crazy site as is, is a mystery to me!

For any questions not covered, holla at the 'kid' here. You can also use this address to email me mp3 files via usershare, YSI, zippyshare, mediafire or any of the other recommended platforms listed above or video & audio streams.


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