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Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Hot Ish (July 2004) 

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Some links are active: click to hear tracks, buy music, books or for more info. Old lists can be found at the bottom of the sidebar.

1. Amy Winehouse"In My Bed" from Frank (Island UK)
2. Masta Killa No Said Date (Nature Sounds)
3. Mos Def "The Edge" (Draft)
4. M.I.A. "Fire, Fire" (Showbiz UK)
5. Mobb Deep feat. Twista "Got It Twisted (Remix)" (Jive)
6. Basement Jaxx: "Right Here's The Spot (Switch Mix)" from the "Good Luck/Cish Cash" Remix 12" (XL UK)
7. Monica Ali Brick Lane (Transworld)
8. Various Artists "Puma 5x12" (Puma)
9. Ian Smith The Blackbird Papers (Doubleday)
10. !!! Louden Up Now (Touch and Go)
11. M.I.A. "Sun Shawa" (Showbiz UK)
12. Various Artists (feat Notch, Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Ivy Queen & more) "Reggaeton Traxx Vol. 1"
13. Beastie Boys "Ch-Check It out (Just Blaze Remix)" (Capitol) from To The 5 Boroughs
14. Razah "Where Do We Go From Here?"
15. The Walkmen "Little House of Savages" (Record Collection)
16. The Hunting of the President (Regent Films)
17. Control Room (Noujaim Films)
18. The Corporation (Big Picture Media Corporation)
19. Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby The Original Jam Sessions 1969/The New Mixes, Vol. I
20. Roscoe P. Coldchain "Delinquent" (Star Trak/Arista)
21. Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Climax" (b/w "Shine On Me") 12" (St. Nick)
22. Bill Clinton My Life (Alfred A. Knopf)
23. Hammer Skateboard Toronto

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