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Friday, June 18, 2004

Ma$e's comeback | New M.I.A. | The Streets are made of bricks? | Twista impresses 

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Mike Skinner aka The Streets loses the plot?

The story behind the Ma$e comeback from

New jumpoff via the mighty Fluxblog mp3 blog from the UK-based, Tamil-descended MC-ing dynamo responsible for last year's heater "Galang": M.I.A.'s (Dr. Buzzards' Original Savannah Band by-way-of Ghostface-sampling) "Sun Shawa."
- Peep her website for more info on this promising artist.

Speaking of UK MC's, I was a big fan of The Streets' Original Pirate Material album (in spite of the gushy critical hype erroneously labeling him the "British Eminem" over on this side of the world) but his new album A Grand Don't Come For Free is just not good. Beside a couple of tracks, none of which would have made it onto his first album from a quality standpoint IMHO, the album is a non-musical, amateur-sounding mess: track after track of minimal, stripped down beats but not in the cool RZA/Dizzee Raskal/Ced Gee way, more in the "I've run out of ideas or can't be bothered to spend more than 15 minutes on this" way. This has got to be one the biggest disappointments of the year music-wise.

Have you heard this Razor "Where do we Go From Here?" R&B jawn that's getting some love on Hot 97 here in NYC? It's kind of crazy, I need a link on that.

Lil Jon and... Paris Hilton, WTF? (

And a Christian "American Idol"?! I'm not that religious but isn't there a commandment against worshipping false idols? (

Never been that much of a Twista fan but he sounds crazy on that "Got It Twisted" remix. (mp3 link courtesy:

Skaters in Toronto, check out the grand opening TOMORROW (Saturday, June 19) of my man Dave's:

Hammer Skateboard shop
2225 Queen Street East
(downstairs, entrance through the tattoo shop)

featuring give-aways. Click for more details.

Finally, what's really hood: Bored this weekend in NYC (or the Tri-State area)? You can hood it out for real at Flex's Annual Celebrity Car Show in Atlantic City, NJ. I mean seriously, where else are you gonna see those Piranha skin 28" nuclear-powered rims for your hooptie (maybe) or a set of Tyson Beckford rims (really)?
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- Chrysler's 'Poor Man's Bentley.' Man, didn't I mention this months ago? (Newsweek)

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