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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The continuing tragedy in Sudan | A simple plan to save the world | US: sovereign puppet-masters? 

Image courtesy: Newsweek

How bad does a crisis have to get? Relief groups have tried for months to avert a disaster in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, but hardly anyone has listened. Most aid donors don't do much until they're shocked into it by graphic images of hollow-eyed infants—and by then, the victims whose pictures they're seeing may be permanently damaged, if not dead. (full story at Newsweek)

I mentioned this a while ago, but it's still worth reading if you didn't pick up the Esquire magazine it was first published in: Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs' "A Simple Plan to Save the World."

Bono from U2's commencement address at U Penn.

Bush and the Neocon's case for the war in Iraq continues to fall apart. (Newsweek)

The real deal on Iraq's "sovereignty." (Washington Post)

And finally, the Supreme Court actually gets one right. (New York Times via Les C.)

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