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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

All eyez on him still? 

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Happy birthday, 2Pac. (Some insight into his enduring appeal from this online fan poll in which over 50% of respondents say they miss his personality the most as opposed to either his music or movies.)
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- Papa’z Song: interview with Tupac's father Mutulu Shakur.
- Memories of Tupac from his cousin Jamilah Barnes.


Could be coonery but it might also be funny if they can capture the humor of their best music videos over 30 minutes: "Method & Red" (premiering tonight on Fox).

Amp Fiddler live w/ Floetry and DJ Rich Medina in Central Park this Saturday.

Why it might have been better if hip hop had just stayed in the hood: Beverly Hills Pimps and Ho's.

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