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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Video: Crossword - Dub 5 Part 3 (24:7 Mixtape) 

Support for another up-and-comer MC from the

"Crossword is releasing his debut mixtape, 24:7 online in July 2010. In anticipation of the 16 track package, he will be posting a video clip and a song for each of the six weeks leading up to the release.

Each week, Crossword will answer a different "W" question about 24:7 in the film segment, hence the title Dub 5. The video clips follow Crossword throughout the city of Toronto in the "day in the life" format. In the sixth and final edition, the clips will be compiled along with bonus cuts.

In Part 3, Crossword speaks on WHERE he gets his inspiration. Part 4 - WHY - coming next week!"

Videography by PhillyDFilms.


- "History (featuring MC FÜBB & KG)" [usershare mp3 download link]


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